Will Web20 kill or enhance face to face health events?

The #hcsmanz chat topic was inspired by a side chat with #hcsmanz participant @bronwynah.

This week I was feeling frustrated about the time delay hearing back from some health conference organisers that I have put in an abstract for. I then looked at another health conference happening at the end of the year and noticed the submission data to for conference abstracts had pasted months ago.

I was promoted to tweet “The big gap between abstract submission & holding a health confs is relevancy risk threatening the conf industry, they don't see.”

@bronwynah tweeting back and we had a quite spontaneous but asynchronous twitter dialogue over the next few hours .

This is the exchange storfied sfy.co/yRN As you can we see the future differently.

I’m hoping to expand the discussion with rest of #hcsmanz community. (Does twitter make you narcissistic? some asked)

I think that face to health conferences are going to change because of a number of Web20 trends and that’s a good thing.

I think @bronwynah likes face to face health events more than do and is not so sure about the future trends noting that nothing much has yet changed in tweet this afternoon.

There are benefits of going to face to face conferences. Will new web20 technology enhance the face the face experience of health conferences or will they devour conferences?

Join us with your ideas?

Come along with with your thoughts about why do you go to conferences and why you use Web2.0?

Help us chart our way through near future trends.

This week’s chat will be facilitated by @lewismal

Aust ann NZ times 22:30 NZ, 20:30 AEDT, 19:30 AEST, 20:00 ACDT, 17:30 AWST

Global  timezones are here http://bit.ly/L4Yzc2

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