#hcsmanz chat January 29 2012 – What happens to my Social Media profiles when I die?

In this week's #hcsmanz Twitter chat we will welcome @PracticalWisdom (Lisa Fields) to facilitate a session on 'What happens to Social Media when I die'? Lisa has facilitated several other Twitter chats globally on this subject and we are delighted that she's now bringing the discussion to  #hcsmanz today at 2100 AEDT.

We have a TED Talk that you can watch:

We also have an App (in video) that you can check out:
App "If I die" lets you messages on Facebook when you're dead

Have a look at this Mashable.com article and what the law has to say:
Facebook After Death: What Should the Law Say?

CBC News: The 'online' life after death

New York Times: Cyberspace when you're dead

Join us at these times:

23:00NZDT (GMT+13:00) 
20:30ACDT (GMT+10:30) SA
20:00AEST (GMT+10:00) QLD
19:30ACST (GMT+09:30) NT
18:00AWST (GMT+08:00) WA

 A bit about Lisa Fields (@PracticalWisdom)

In the words of Richard Etheridge (Wake Forest University School of Medicine,  Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

"You (Lisa Fields) are a gifted presenter and your style is completely believable.  Your connection with your audience is completely credible.  Your many, varied professional experiences have fortified you with a meaningful understanding of people that allows others to believe you almost immediately and to connect to you with trust.  In all my years, I think those kinds of attributes are the most important.  I love your sincerity…………AND  YOUR HUMOR.  All the other stuff, too – like the incorporation of clever technology in your presentations that make them interactive, current, and fun – You Tube/Facebook/Twitter – is gravy."

  • I appreciate the opportunity to Moderate #HCSMANZ. I’ve learned so much from this community about Health Care and Social Media. In addition to learning about Health Care Social Media you have given me so many leadership lessons. Someday I hope I will have the opportunity to meet all of you all in person. You have made my world smaller and richer both personally and personally. Sincerely,Lisa

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