Translating Talk into Action

Reflection before Action

Two events in Sydney this week brought together a diverse group of people.
For the love of youth health development and research, the 8th Australian New Zealand Adolescent Health Conference was timed perfectly with the visit of Mr. Lee Aase, the Director of the Mayo Clinic Centre for Social Media.
He was to address a packed auditorium for the 7th HARC Forum and to tell the Mayo story of social media and health care. Lee joined a panel with Melissa Sweet (Croakey Blog) and Hugh Stephens (Social Media expert) to take questions from the floor.

There were excellent tweeting from the #HARCsm and #yh2011 hashtags, providing a couple of perspectives (and sometimes more) from the conference proceedings. Join our #hcsmanz chat today to talk about what and how we plan to translate the talk into real action. What is our next step?

Date: November 13 (Sunday)
Time: 20:00 AEDT (GMT+11:00)

Click here for background info to the HARC Forum

Click here to see the Adolescent Health Conference web page

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