OK or Not Ok :When Wikipedia is used for health info.

OK or Not Ok :When Wikipedia is used for health info.
This week (12 August 2012) for the Health Care Social Media (Australia & New Zealand) twitter chat, we are considering the health information on wikipedia.
Sooner or later every doctor is going to be presented by a patient with wikipedia printout about some or other health issue concerning themselves or a someone they care about.
While wikipedia is not a definitive source, it is “generally reliable”. A study published in prestigious journal Nature found that wikiepedia was a reliable as the Encyclopedia Britannica.
This week we are opening a can of worms, about wikipedia. Should drug companies and other health experts and advocates  correct misinformation on wikipedia?  Should medical association employ knowledgeable editors to improve wikipedia and report abuser.
Your facilitator for tonight’s chat will be @lewismal
Recomended Chat tool: http://tweetchat.com/room/hcsmanz
World times : http://bit.ly/P23D3R

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