Marketing to patients: Topic, 7th August

Inspired by the tweet from @RamsayHealth, who recently joined Twitter:


This week we’re talking about marketing to patients through social media. Something that many hospitals do well, others poorly, and most not at all.

Tonight marks the second time that another ‘account’ joins #hcmsanz to moderate the chat. @RamsayHealth will be co-moderating with @hughstephens, in the first of several planned guest moderated topics with experts or stakeholders in the field.

So your pilot will be @hughstephens and copilot @ramsayhealth, and the topics will be:

  1. How can a hospital promote itself to potential patients?
  2. How can a hospital engage with existing/past patients?
  3. What are the differences between public, private and rural?
  4. (followup) What are the differences with patient demographics?

The chat is at 8pm AEST in Sydney/Melbourne. For world times, head here:

The transcript will be available after the chat at:

If you’ve never joined a tweetchat before, try the ‘tweetchat’ website: which adds the hashtag automatically!

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