Imagine our future work with Social Media tools in 5 years

Health Innovators – we are going head to head with the Euro-vision Song contest.

This weekends a regular Health Care Social Media Australia and New Zealand Twitter chat will held 8 pm AEST on Sunday night.

The topic this week: “Imagine our future work with Social Media tools in 5 years”


Over the past months, in our weekly #hcsmanz chats, we have had a lot of tweets expressing frustration about trying to innovate around social media in their organisations. We have shared a lot of strategies, relevant  information  and given a lot of mutual support.


This week we are going to take some time to share the visions that underpin our interest and to drive our innovations.


* What is your vision for social workplaces?

* How will Web 2.0 and mhealth and other trends shape our work in the five years time?


If you have any stuff to share that is relevant to the topic-please go ahead and tweet.


Also invite you colleagues who may be interested. Lurkers welcome as are active Tweeters.

This link sets out timezones across the Australia, New Zealand and the world- international perspectives are most welcome.

An easy way to join in if you have a Twitter account is via

Ben Harris-Roxas and myself  are co-facilitating this event. We expect it to be fun learning and way better than the Euro-vison song contest or anything else on TV.

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