If you don’t manage the risk you will lose your data.

As we engage more with the online world, more and more of what we value in our lives both personal and professional is going digital. And if it is digital means it is at risk.

This weeks #HCSMANZ chat is about the strategies we need to manage the risks of data catastrophes associated with this personal professionals data.

Our workplaces tend to handle  data security because they can afford to pay someone to protect their data. The data we use at work tends not to be something that we have to worry about. But social media and associated trends, has created a work space online that is not owned or managed  by work. It is not backed up by them and is at risk of loss if you don’t have a good risk management strategy.

Your facilitator will be @lewismal Malcolm Lewis

World time here:  http://bit.ly/1dbhPkH


  • Simon Brooks

    A good discussion topic, but there is a typo in your header. It should be ‘lose’ not ‘loose’. Looking forward to Sunday’s chat.

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