Identity and Expression through social media

The #hcsmanz chat on Sunday 20 November will be about “Identity and expression through social media”. It’s held as usual at 20:00 AEDT – other times here: .

There is an increasing body of research that finds that social media allows for people to have multiple identities and ways that they express themselves. Indeed, many younger people find social media irreplaceable as a way of developing their sense of self and identity.

But what about you? 20 November #hcsmanz will discuss:

1. Do you have multiple identities or personas online? How are they split up?

2. Have you changed your identity or how you express yourself online? How?

3. What problems can we see with having these multiple personas?

4. How can we best manage our identities – should they remain separate, or slowly intermingle?


@hughstephens will be moderating. See you then!

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