How we live with info overload

How do we cope with information overload? Is it a "problem to be solved" or a "reality to be navigated and negotiated" (George Siemens – interview video here)?

We are abundantly connected via mobile phones, PCs, tablets and gaming devices. Looking into the future, it is highly possible that your refrigerator or toaster will be displaying your Tweets or Flipboard update for the day.

Join us this Sunday for a final #hcsmanz Twitter chat of 2011 and a discussion on information overload and share your thoughts.

Effective December 4, 2011 the weekly #hcsmanz chat will be held at the following times:

23:00NZDT (GMT+13:00) 
20:30ACDT (GMT+10:30) SA
20:00AEST (GMT+10:00) QLD
19:30ACST (GMT+09:30) NT
18:00AWST (GMT+08:00) WA

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