How to get interactions from your posts?

Our #hcsmanz chat topic this week is on getting interactions from your posts, be it in blogging, micro-blogging or on Facebook. Have you ever had posts or tweets that had no reactions resulting in interaction? After a few unsuccessful attempts, you finally figured out what works for you and now you're 100% 2.0. Join us tonight on #hcsmanz to explore 'how to get interactions from your post' through collective discussion and information sharing.

A little something to read for the bloggers and micro bloggers out there: Liz Strauss (she has 94,000 comments in total from her blogs) on 'How to get readers to comment on your posts'.

23:00NZDT (GMT+13:00) 
20:30ACDT (GMT+10:30) SA
20:00AEST (GMT+10:00) QLD
19:30ACST (GMT+09:30) NT
18:00AWST (GMT+08:00) WA

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