Healthcare ‘in the cloud’: #hcsmanz chat 5th June 2011

This Sunday’s chat (5th June 2011) will be about Healthcare in the cloud

Join us at 8pm AEST with the hashtag #hcsmanz (you can join by TweetChat) or for the time in your timezone check here.

This week will be facilitated by @hughstephens who hopes to get some great stories to share in a Grand Rounds presentation Tuesday 7th πŸ™‚

Topics this week:

T1: What is the best experience you or your friend have had through Social Media?
T2: Do you currently use Social Media in your health care practice? Why/why not? Does your doctor use SoMe in their practice?
T3: Would you get advice from an RN or doctor via social media? Why/why not?

Kudos to some topic suggestions from @PracticalWisdom and @drsquirls!

See you tonight at 8pm. 

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