#HCSMANZ medley- A fast chat is good chat

7 July 2013

This week we are going a have a bit fun in our #hcsmanz Twitter chat. I have a diverse bunch of small controversial Health Care Social Media topics that are also fun, interesting that I have nevered used. They are just not big enough to sustain a whole twitter chat.  So I’m going to throw them into the chat tonight, in quick succession to see that sort of learning that provokes. Maybe we will come back and revisit some of these topics if they explode.

So get comfortable because it will be a least six topics in 60 minutes plus a quicker than usual introduction.

This chat will work really well with a big crowd, so get re-tweeting and invite some people.

Your ringmaster this week will be Malcolm Lewis  @lewismal

QLD NSW, Vic Tas times Sunday AEST 21:00

Other times here: http://bit.ly/12jtAOG

By the way call by a like our Facebook page now:  https://www.facebook.com/HCSMANZ


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