#hcsmanz chat transcript: 20 March 2011 – “Using Social Media within organisations: engaging employees”

Links shared during the chat – http://bit.ly/i9YHh5

NOTE: All times are listed using Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) GMT-07:00

9:02 am hcsmanz: Welcome to tonight’s #hcsmanz chat
9:03 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz tonight’s topic is “Using Social Media within organisations: engaging employees”
9:04 am lewismal: Hi Malcolm here in wet Toowoomba #hcsmanz
9:04 am hcsmanz: #hcsmanz tonight’s moderator is @ej_butler
9:05 am hcsmanz: #hcsmanz lets start with introductions for who’s joining the chat tonight
9:05 am lewismal: I’m joining the #hcsmanz now. Apologies for a stream of chatter. Ttopic is “Using Social Media within organisations: engaging employees”
9:07 am Danbax76: #hcsmanz interesting topic, looking fwd to seeing the response.
9:07 am lewismal: I work as a mental health promotion officer and have an long history of using IT in innovative ways. #hcsmanz
9:09 am SarahStewart: @hcsmanz Hi everyone. Sarah from Dunedin. Midwifery educator researching use of social media in health education #hcsmanz
9:09 am EdwinKruys: Hi all, I’m a GP from WA #hcsmanz
9:10 am hcsmanz: #hcsmanz we’ve often talked about using Social Media to engage with a community external to the organisation, but what about within?
9:13 am jennibeattie: Hi Director digital democracy, tweet here and @themhsorg – health, worked in digital comms, internal comms, researc, teach at uni #hcsmanz
9:13 am lewismal: @sarahstewart Gr8 to see u Sarah. She does the #FO2011 open course I praise highly. http://wikieducator.org/Facilitating_Online #hcsmanz
9:14 am drmarcustan: Hi I’m a medico from Perth with an interest in health IT & innovation #hcsmanz sorry I’m late
9:14 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz thanks for joining everyone
9:14 am SarahStewart: V difficult to engage people into health organisations because of attitudes to “work”, privacy & security #hcsmanz
9:15 am EdwinKruys: Lots of opportunities e.g. to quickly disseminate information within an organisation and get realtime answers to questions #hcsmanz
9:15 am lewismal: Attitude barriers to overcome: Too many dammed emails.Too much info already. #hcsmanz
9:15 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Yammer is great for this @edwinkruys
9:16 am ej_butler: RT @lewismal: Attitude barriers to overcome: Too many dammed emails.Too much info already. #hcsmanz
9:17 am lewismal: We need to sell how once you have online network U can solve problems and learn. #hcsmanz
9:17 am SarahStewart: @lewismal Thank you kindly #hcsmanz
9:18 am EdwinKruys: @ej_butler yes we introduced yammer in our practice few weeks ago, great but it takes some time to overcome barriers πŸ™‚ #hcsmanz
9:18 am ej_butler: @lewismal I’ve heard co-workers say that they think that all people put on Twitter is what they ate for breakfast #hcsmanz
9:19 am jennibeattie: Yes it needs to be sold in regarding productivity and innovation ie not just another broadcast channel #hcsmanz
9:19 am lewismal: I’m not going to get in trouble for not doing Social Media yet attitude will come to term one day. Then they will play catch up.. #hcsmanz
9:20 am EdwinKruys: Barriers: some people not familiar with sm, some see it as extra info on top of emails/messenger, and yes, fear of chatter only #hcsmanz
9:20 am Polyquats: Sorry everyone, running late tonight. Janet from Brisbane here. #hcsmanz
9:20 am ej_butler: To demonstrate value of twitter I said “let me show you something”… #hcsmanz
9:21 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz in 5 minutes I was able to show them how hashtags help me find relevant content to what we do (in real-time)
9:21 am ej_butler: @Polyquats welcome πŸ™‚ #hcsmanz
9:22 am lewismal: Is it that some tweet trivial things because they fear showing doubt in their work or let ppl know what they are doing? #hcsmanz
9:23 am Polyquats: @ej_butler yes. A positive demonstration can work wonders. Some people are still not up with the technology though #hcsmanz
9:23 am SarahStewart: eMentoring project I ran 2 years ago in Queensland faced many barriers from employers: http://bit.ly/fsYueo #hcsmanz
9:24 am ej_butler: We’ve become used to email and Instant Messaging in the workplace so is Social Media any different (in terms of communication)? #hcsmanz
9:24 am lewismal: Perhaps webinars might be a btter Social media to introduce soem ppl to SoMe. #hcsmanz
9:25 am jennibeattie: @sarahstewart sounds interesting what type of barriers ? #hcsmanz
9:25 am SarahStewart: Have to model practical application of social media. You have to walk the talk #hcsmanz
9:25 am Polyquats: People can waste as much time without SM as employers think they will with it if they are not engaged and interested in their work. #hcsmanz
9:26 am ej_butler: @Polyquats but “being up with technology” should not be a barrier, education and demonstrations can help #hcsmanz
9:27 am jennibeattie: @lewismal yes you need to do an audit of employee skill level and current usage of social media to envisage future tech barriers #hcsmanz
9:27 am lewismal: If a group of early adopters in an organisation can get on do gr8 things, then others will join in. #hcsmanz Look out & link up with them.
9:27 am EdwinKruys: @Polyquats agree, sm can help to engage people at work, which in turn may lead to increased productivity #hcsmanz
9:28 am SarahStewart: @jennibeattie Technology, concerns that staff will waste time, time constraints, lack of skills, lack of understanding/knowledge #hcsmanz
9:28 am Danbax76: @ej_butler any options if yammer is banned (as it is by my employer!)? #hcsmanz
9:29 am ej_butler: @lewismal @jennibeattie You might find a champion in a Social Media channel that you’re not using yet after an audit #hcsmanz
9:29 am jennibeattie: @lewismal yes good to identify advocates/champions around the organisation ideally one in each section/state etc support them #hcsmanz
9:29 am petahopkins: RT @SarahStewart: Have to model practical application of social media. You have to walk the talk #hcsmanz
9:29 am Polyquats: I’d like to explore ways sm can be used to cut the need for travel to meetings. Video conf doesn’t always work well #hcsmanz
9:29 am smcgc: RT @SarahStewart: Have to model practical application of social media. You have to walk the talk #hcsmanz
9:30 am SarahStewart: Health employers/employees most interested in tools that would help them collaborate in ementoring project http://bit.ly/fo71XP #hcsmanz
9:30 am lewismal: @jennibeattie Ppls readiness for SoMe is related to how well they get on with new software. #hcsmanz.
9:31 am Polyquats: though that may just be the standard of equipment we have #hcsmanz (not the best resourced dept)
9:31 am ej_butler: @DanBax76 You could try Campfire or Backpack from 37Signals http://37signals.com/ #hcsmanz
9:31 am lewismal: I suspect that 2 many have had Windows & office for 2 long and are not fearful of new stuff like SoMe. #hcsmanz
9:32 am EdwinKruys: In healthcare we’re talking to patients, doing procedures, welcoming people at the frontdesk, answering phones. How does SM fit in? #hcsmanz
9:32 am ej_butler: @DanBax76 you could also try a private LinkedIn Group #hcsmanz
9:32 am jennibeattie: @lewismal yes agree, training needs to be held at all levels so not to intimidate first timers #hcsmanz
9:33 am Polyquats: @lewismal oops forgot #hcsmanz or don’t have access to it.
9:33 am ej_butler: @EdwinKruys I have put forward Social Media as a Professional Development tool offering access to timely, relevant articles #hcsmanz
9:34 am jennibeattie: @lewismal yes multi levelled training is a good idea to ensure everyone is across it #hcsmanz
9:34 am Polyquats: #hcsmanz I am on an interdept. working group and most can’t even get access to dropbox.
9:36 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler like the idea of it being a PD tool it needs to be incorp in induction training in org ie embedded in the org from day 1 #hcsmanz
9:37 am lewismal: @jennibeattie Would be much I could if I was a key manager in an org but I am not. Key managers tend 2b older. SoMe users younger #hcsmanz
9:38 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler good to assess a project and see what role soc media contributed to the project and use as a case study within org #hcsmanz
9:38 am ej_butler: @jennibeattie totally agree but most organisations aren’t at that level yet #hcsmanz
9:39 am jennibeattie: @lewismal have some of the young do the training – nice to see knowledge dispersed up and down the org #hcsmanz
9:40 am ej_butler: @lewismal I don’t think age should be or is a barrier – I know some are more comfortable with using facebook than say twitter #hcsmanz
9:40 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler yes understand your point about maturity of org #hcsmanz
9:41 am lewismal: The reasons why innovators & early adopters use SoMe will be different to the early majority use SoMe. #hcsmanz
9:41 am EdwinKruys: @ej_butler SM as professional development tool = great idea as information is accessible and discoverable. Sorry probs with twchat #hcsmanz
9:41 am ej_butler: @jennibeattie perhaps some of that enthusiasm for Social Media can be passed on πŸ™‚ After all, they’ll be the managers of the future #hcsmanz
9:42 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler yes go for a few quick wins to demonstrate effectiveness and go from there – isolate out specific tasks re social media #hcsmanz
9:42 am Polyquats: Sometimes what is needed is a culture shift, and that can require some sort of catalyst. We have a new Minister so Xfingers #hcsmanz
9:43 am jennibeattie: If your org is large ensure your internal comms teams are across the tools and then promoting them to employees – #hcsmanz
9:43 am lewismal: In my org only the innovators are using SoMe with some early adopters. We need to understand what sells SoMe to early majority. #hcsmanz
9:43 am Polyquats: @lewismal or how to sell it to the comms tam and the IT dept #hcsmanz
9:44 am lewismal: Innovators, early adopter, early majority from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations#Adopter_categories #hcsmanz
9:44 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz I’ve also found that Social Media can be very effective for finding news that’s relevant to the organisation
9:44 am jennibeattie: @polyquats yes agree new staff or new key issues – look at disaster mgt now, social media is firmly embedded in the process #hcsmanz
9:45 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Someone at work might say “hey, check out this story” and I’ve sometimes said “oh, yeah that’s old news – saw that on Twitter”
9:46 am Polyquats: @ej_butler yes. faster than waiting for daily phone hookups for updates. Was ahead of the game in floods and Yasi #hcsmanz
9:46 am jennibeattie: @lewismal need to isolate certain clusters/groups of those in majority -what are their pain points?demo how can soc media help them #hcsmanz
9:47 am Polyquats: then you have to get people to carry it over from disaster mgmnt to everyday work. There was a lot of just getting back to normal #hcsmanz
9:47 am jennibeattie: what are their communication needs? breaking news, collab tools, cocreation tools etc find out what will move the majority over #hcsmanz
9:48 am SarahStewart: Nice to meet you all #hcsmanz Got to get back to reading about critical theory for my #EdD πŸ™‚
9:48 am Polyquats: @ej_butler my team have come to rely on the fact that I get the heads up from Twitter. Need to get them to make the transition #hcsmanz
9:49 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz There are plenty of uses for Social Media, it’s just finding the “right” use that offers the biggest benefits to the group.
9:49 am jennibeattie: Essentially think of it as a ‘change management’ exercise, the change will only come if individuals see the benefits #hcsmanz
9:49 am jennibeattie: @sarahstewart nice to chat! #hcsmanz
9:51 am EdwinKruys: ‘Social’ is as important as ‘media’, e.g. see Improve Your Work Life by Connecting with Others http://bit.ly/77oIsF #hcsmanz
9:51 am jennibeattie: Culturally orgs need to be ready as well it goes far beyond tech capability – are orgs willing to be transparent, collaborative etc #hcsmanz
9:51 am ej_butler: @jennibeattie constant change is the new normal. The benefits of Social Media could be the new competitive advantage #hcsmanz
9:51 am lewismal: RT @jennibeattie: Essentially think of it as a ‘change management’ exercise, the change will only come if individuals see the benefits #hcsmanz
9:52 am lewismal: @ej_butler I think helps to have wide view of what Some Is wider that Fb Twitter & Yammer to sell potential benefits. #hcsmanz
9:52 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz I recently saw someone tweet that Enterprise 2.0 is now “Social Business”
9:52 am jennibeattie: No point having employees technically savvy but dont want to share, collaborate, need mgt to approve comms etc #hcsmanz
9:54 am ej_butler: @lewismal agree Mal, lots of focus on Facebook, Twitter and Yammer but there are plenty others out there too #hcsmanz
9:54 am Polyquats: @jennibeattie tend to have the opposite in our group #hcsmanz
9:55 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler yes I have heard that term – done correctly it transforms the whole business – new prod dev, cust serv, client acquis #hcsmanz
9:55 am jennibeattie: Health has these areas as much as corporate business world #hcsmanz
9:56 am jennibeattie: ooo Midsummer Murders must fly ! #hcsmanz
9:56 am ej_butler: @jennibeattie yes, often overlooked that health is a business too #hcsmanz
9:56 am jennibeattie: @polyquats well you are well placed πŸ™‚ tech change easier than massive culture chage #hcsmanz
9:57 am EdwinKruys: Anyone suggestions re education tools, videos etc to show advantages of sm within enterprises and how to work with sm? #hcsmanz
9:58 am jennibeattie: ok Im back missed half of it anyway πŸ™‚ #hcsmanz
9:58 am ej_butler: @EdwinKruys I’m sure I’ve sent out some personal tweets on this as I’ve been keen to highlight the benefits – let me dig them up #hcsmanz
9:58 am Polyquats: @jennibeattie not where I am. Had to fight to get IE6 upgraded. can’t install anything w/o permission, unit gets charged too #hcsmanz
9:59 am ej_butler: Just about time to wrap up tonight’s #hcsmanz chat… feel free to continue the discussion!
9:59 am jennibeattie: @edwinkruys loads of videos I can dm you some links later #hcsmanz
9:59 am lewismal: @EdwinKruys I think way forward to use www.screenr.com to show peer movies of how ppl us SoMe/Web2.0 in work. #hcsmanz
9:59 am Polyquats: when I started my job, shared server space for the unit was 2 GB – a fraction of what I had on my phone. had to fight for every GB #hcsmanz
9:59 am EdwinKruys: @ej_butler would be great thanks πŸ™‚ #hcsmanz
10:00 am EdwinKruys: @jennibeattie Thanks. #hcsmanz
10:00 am ej_butler: @jennibeattie If you’re willing to share I can add them to the bit.ly bundle? #hcsmanz
10:00 am jennibeattie: @polyquats so if you are being charged then productivity gains are going to be vital #hcsmanz
10:00 am lewismal: @Polyquats @jennibeattie Still fighting to get IE6 upgraded. #hcsmanz
10:01 am ej_butler: Thanks everyone for participating in tonight’s #hcsmanz chat πŸ™‚
10:01 am Polyquats: it’s the sort of restriction that can make collaborative working difficult. Senseless restrictions that restrict productivity #hcsmanz
10:01 am jennibeattie: @ej_butler no probs #hcsmanz
10:02 am lewismal: @jennibeattie @edwinkruys Can u share them to #hcsmanz group via a bit.ly bundle please.
10:02 am Polyquats: Great chat tonight. Thanks everyone. Sorry if I whinged a bit much #hcsmanz
10:02 am EdwinKruys: @lewismal that would be great! Thanks for the chat everybody #hcsmanz
10:03 am ej_butler: Harnessing the power of Social Media http://bit.ly/gd7aj1 /via @Accenture #hcsmanz
10:04 am jennibeattie: Goodnight great chat bye #hcsmanz
10:05 am lewismal: Thanks everyone #hcsmanz
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