#hcsmanz chat September 2 2011 – “Social Media and Cyber Bullying”

This week we will be discussing the issue of Cyber Bulling.

What is Cyber bullying?
Cyber bullying is overt or covert bullying behaviours using digital technologies. Cyber bullying can happen at any time. It can be in public or in private, and sometimes only known to the target and the person bullying.

Social Media can provide the bully with a sense of relative anonymity and distance from the victim, so there is a lack of immediate feedback or consequences.

According to a January 2012 study by the Ipsos Social Research Institute, of the 24 countries surveyed Australia was the worst place for bullying over social networks, and the fifth for bullying online http://bit.ly/N667ys

In a survey conducted for the recent Government Inquiry into Cyber Safety, 8.8% of survey participants (15,592) admitted that they had cyber bullied someone else. Of those, 66% reported that they had also been the victim of cyber bullying.

Why is cyber bullying so bad?
– A lot of people can view or take part in it
– It is often done in secret with the bully hiding who they are by creating false profiles or names, or sending anonymous messages
– It is difficult to remove as it is shared online so it can be recorded and saved in different places
– It is hard for the person being bullied to escape if they use technology often
– The content (photos, texts, videos) can be shared with a lot of people
– This content may also be easy to find by searching on a web browser like Google.

We’ll be exploring the following:
What should you do as:
– The recipient
– A friend
– A parent
– A professional
When does it go too far?
What to do?

We look forward to you joining us from 20:30AEST tonight.

Check here for your local time – http://bit.ly/PAfu6N

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