#hcsmanz chat June 17 2012 – “Do you practise safe Social Networking?”

This weeks chat topic has been inspired by the recent incident where 6.5 million LinkedIn hashed passwords were stolen and published.

We’re going to cover:
ā€¢ The importance of Strong Passwords – do you use the same password across multiple sites?
ā€¢ The importance of Privacy Settings – Do you know what you’re sharing (and who you’re sharing it with)?
ā€¢ What applications have you allowed to access your data?
ā€¢ What should you do if someone you know has their account is compromised?
ā€¢ What should you do if your Social Network account is compromised?
ā€¢ Tips & Tricks for keeping your account safe.

Your facilitator tonight will be Ed Butler (@ej_butler)

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