#hcsmanz chat 9 October 2011 – “Are we adding value or noise to Social Networks?”

“To tweet, or not to tweet: that is the question”**Apologies to William ShakespeareActually, it’s only part of the question – Are you adding value (diamonds) or “noise” (dirt) with what you share with your Social Networking communities?During the week, this article caught our collective attention: “Twitter is dying — and it’s all your fault” (see http://t.co/mThFGRdI)Essentially, the quality of what appears in our timelines is being reduced by more “spammy” content.We will be examining “how do we choose what (and where) to share?”, ” what makes stuff good to retweet/share?” and “Social Network Etiquette”Date: October 9 (Sunday) Time: 20:00 AEDT (GMT+11:00)Pre-chat reading: “Twitter is dying — and it’s all your fault”http://t.co/mThFGRdIContent Curationhttp://bit.ly/nr5MRUContent Curation Best Practiceshttp://bit.ly/neY92J

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