#hcsmanz, 16 September 2012

This week we’re chatting about social networks for healthcare beyond Facebook and Twitter.

Oftentimes we forget that there are other networks ‘out there’, and these (often niche) sites can present a fantastic opportunity for health promotion or other activities.

What about forums? Pinterest? Tumblr? Reddit? Even Yahoo! Answers? 

Often we forget about many of these.

Chat questions

Q1: “What social networks do you know of or use outside of Twitter & FB?”
Q2: “What audiences do you think we miss when only using Twitter & FB?”
Q3: “How can we reach the best audience for our message?”
Q4: “How would you find a new platform to reach a particular audience?”


Hopefully we’ll be able to chat a bit about how you can identify the best platform for the right audience every time!

Join us on Sunday 16 September at 8:30pm AEST for more.

The chat will be moderated tonight by @hughstephens. 

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