#hcsmanz chat transcript: 6 March 2011 – Which health organisations don’t let staff access Social Media? And how to change?

Wordle: #hcsmanz chat - 6 March 2011

Tonight’s chat generated a lot of discussion around barriers preventing people from using Social Media within their Healthcare organisation. A common barrier mentioned was that organisations are still using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). I highly recommend checking out the ‘IE6 Countdown’ website from Microsoft http://bit.ly/ex8Uhw

Play it safe, comply with your organisation’s Acceptable Use Policy and do not attempt to circumvent restrictions that have been put in place. Work on educating and demonstrating the benefits of Social Media instead.

Some great links were shared during tonight’s #hcsmanz chat: http://bit.ly/gQlKeS

NOTE: All times are listed using Pacific Standard Time (PST) GMT-08:00

9:00 am hcsmanz: Welcome to tonight’s #hcsmanz chat! Let’s start with introductions: tonight’s moderators are @ej_butler and special guest @croakeyblog
9:01 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Hi all, I’m a Healthcare IT professional based in Brisbane.
9:03 am croakeyblog: Hi all, I’m a freelance health journalist researching stories on social media & health (& Croakey moderator) #hcsmanz
9:04 am ej_butler: Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat topic: which health orgs/agencies/depts don’t let staff access Twitter, social media? And how to change?
9:04 am Polyquats: Hi, I’m an env health scientist in Queensland, working in water quality #hcsmanz
9:06 am Polyquats: Really interested in tonight’t topic, as I have to work with really primitive IT at work. It’s very frustrating #hcsmanz
9:07 am jbkHCSMANZ: #hcsmanz may help 🙂 hi all; Bernard here – I’m an eHealth consumer rep.
9:07 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz It’s not too late to send anonymous submissions through http://about.me/ej_butler
9:08 am ej_butler: @Polyquats I may have some suggestions for you later in the chat 🙂 #hcsmanz
9:09 am croakeyblog: @Polyquats Where do you work, if you don’t mind me asking? My interest in topic arose from hearing AIHW blocks access #hcsmanz
9:09 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Looks like a few Twitter API issues tonight so we’ll have to wait and see how things go
9:09 am yellekau: Peter here, health integration software architect #hcsmanz
9:10 am ej_butler: @yellekau Welcome to #hcsmanz chat Peter
9:10 am yellekau: @ej_butler It’s been a while but I’m hoping to be more regular now #hcsmanz
9:10 am ej_butler: @Polyquats Welcome to tonight’s #hcsmanz chat Janet
9:11 am ej_butler: @jbkHCSMANZ Welcome Bernard #hcsmanz 🙂
9:13 am CraigThomler: Hi guys – first time here. Online Comms Director at DoHA (but participating personally) #hcsmanz
9:13 am Polyquats: @croakeyblog I work for Qld’s largest employer (clue enough?) No access blockages, except where something better the IE6 required #hcsmanz
9:13 am PulseITMagazine: Simon, editor of Pulse+IT tuning in for the first time…#hcsmanz
9:14 am ej_butler: @craigthomler Welcome to #hcsmanz Craig 🙂
9:14 am yellekau: @craigthomler So what restrictions do you face personally because of your employer? #hcsmanz
9:14 am ej_butler: @PulseITMagazine Thanks for joining Simon #hcsmanz
9:14 am Polyquats: It’s definitely the IT for us. Typical Govt situation, locked into long-term contract that is not flexible enough. #hcsmanz
9:14 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Good to see some first timers joining in on tonight’s chat
9:14 am hiablog: Hi all – sorry I’m late. Ben, a public health researcher from Sydney. #hcsmanz
9:15 am ej_butler: @Polyquats Can I ask which web browser is deployed? #hcsmanz
9:15 am lewismal: I’ll be joining soon #hcsmanz
9:15 am hiablog: @Polyquats I think the IT support interests often seem to be at odds with comms interests. #hcsmanz
9:15 am georgemargelis: George from Care Innovations, previously Intel, social media big in our group #hcsmanz
9:16 am Polyquats: Standard is IE6. After a lot of pressure, we managed to get IE8 in our unit, and I later scored Firefox. #hcsmanz
9:16 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler thanks – I’ve monitored the logs before, but not previously been around at the right time. #hcsmanz
9:16 am ej_butler: @georgemargelis welcome George, good to see you made it! #hcsmanz
9:16 am ben_hr: @Polyquats So enabling tech isn’t used. No good reason for orgs to keep using IE6 but inertia/laziness. Security a myth, sadly. #hcsmanz
9:16 am ej_butler: @ben_hr Funny you should mention that… #hcsmanz
9:17 am johnalchin: First time here at #hcsmanz. Not working in the industry atm but am a #mentalhealth carer & active member of #mhsm chat 1pm Wed AEST
9:17 am PulseITMagazine: Hi Craig – may I ask if you work in the DoHA media unit (ie the folks that respond to journo questions), or another area? #hcsmanz
9:17 am Polyquats: Our unit worked flat out through the floods, from scattered locations. only managed by resorting to our private laptops. #hcsmanz
9:17 am yellekau: What about installing a twitter client like Tweetdeck? is that allowed? #hcsmanz
9:17 am jbkHCSMANZ: @ben_hr @Polyquats No! #hcsmanz
9:18 am ben_hr: @jbkHCSMANZ @Polyquats No to what? #hcsmanz
9:18 am lewismal: Malcolm Lewis Health Promotion Officer working for the gov #hcsmanz Welcome all.
9:19 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Corporate IT just won’t let IE6 die http://bit.ly/gy906k #ie6countdown
9:19 am CraigThomler: @PulseITMagazine another area, same Branch – I don’t take media Qs for Dept. They should be directed to the appropriate channel. #hcsmanz
9:19 am PublicHealth2_0: IE6 seems to be barrier I hear a lot about. Why is this so? #hcsmanz Why can’t orgs upgrade?
9:19 am Polyquats: No Twitter apps. Nada. Struggled to get free USEPA apps like EPIsuite. Coming from a Uni environment, I’m finding it v. frustrating #hcsmanz
9:19 am yellekau: Are IT restrictions more aimed at reducing support costs or is there a push to ban scial networking at your workplaces? #hcsmanz
9:20 am jbkHCSMANZ: @ben_hr security being a myth #hcsmanz
9:21 am croakeyblog: @craigthomler Hi Craig, sorry to go off topic, but just want to say how much I appreciate your tweeting. I often cite you. #hcsmanz
9:21 am yellekau: @PublicHealth2_0 can be intranets optimised for IE6 or the cost of rolling out a new SOE #hcsmanz
9:21 am ej_butler: @PublicHealth2_0 That’s a good question. There should be no license restrictions as it’s free software #hcsmanz
9:21 am CraigThomler: @Polyquats contact me at work sometime – I can help you out 🙂 #hcsmanz
9:21 am hiablog: Seems that IT security, even at the level of PC admin rights, plays a big role. Should Comms people be more activist within orgs? #hcsmanz
9:22 am Polyquats: Even worse, our unit had less storage capacity on shared drive than I have on my phone till I complained. Getting better now #hcsmanz
9:22 am yellekau: @craigthomler One former employer banned social media for security and then revered the restriction #hcsmanz
9:22 am ben_hr: @jbkHCSMANZ I don’t think security is a myth, but the idea that using a decade old browser ensures it is. #hcsmanz
9:23 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz an Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) has been available for years. Information and Downloads here: http://t.co/CZAsmoD
9:23 am CraigThomler: @PublicHealth2_0 the struggle with IE6 is often that organisations built their internal systems around it’s DLLs. #hcsmanz
9:23 am hiablog: RT @hcsmanz: Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat topic: which health orgs/agencies/depts don’t let staff access Twitter, social media? And how to change?
9:23 am cphce_unsw: RT @hcsmanz: Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat topic: which health orgs/agencies/depts don’t let staff access Twitter, social media? And how to change?
9:23 am ben_hr: RT @hcsmanz: Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat topic: which health orgs/agencies/depts don’t let staff access Twitter, social media? And how to change?
9:23 am jbkHCSMANZ: @hiablog need the “right” sort of comms ppl #hcsmanz
9:23 am lewismal: @yellekau Does Tweetdeck require something more than IE6? Also some ppl can’t install novel software without campaigns. #hcsmanz
9:23 am PulseITMagazine: Is social media really ban-able? Surely staff that are into social media all have smart phones? #hcsmanz
9:23 am johnalchin: +1 RT @ben_hr: @jbkHCSMANZ I dont think security is a myth, but the idea that using a decade old browser ensures it is. #hcsmanz
9:24 am dr1337: My hospital has a blanket block on SM websites because I think we’re just a bunch of luddites. Thank god for proxy bypasses! #hcsmanz
9:24 am yellekau: @PulseITMagazine Maybe not bannable via IT but bannable via policy – Twitter at least is public #hcsmanz
9:24 am CraigThomler: @PublicHealth2_0 Organisations often have to upgrade their enterprise systems to get off IE6 (such as SAP). #hcsmanz
9:25 am yellekau: @craigthomler The IE Tab plugin is good for that 🙂 #hcsmanz
9:25 am croakeyblog: have any studies been done across organisations? looking at access, useage, barriers (whether IT, cultural etc) #hcsmanz
9:25 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Microsoft has launched a new website that bears the slogan: ?Moving the world off Internet Explorer 6.? http://on.mash.to/emPztl
9:25 am CraigThomler: @PublicHealth2_0 also there’s apps like Flash, Adobe Reader, video players, etc – large org have to invest a lot into a move #hcsmanz
9:26 am yellekau: @lewismal Not sure, I have admin access to my PC, never tried to install it on a locked down system #hcsmanz
9:26 am CraigThomler: @lewismal @yellekau Tweetdeck can be installed stand-alone, but needs admin privileges. Not readily available in large orgs #hcsmanz
9:26 am jbkHCSMANZ: @ben_hr sorry, that was exactly what I meant #hcsmanz
9:26 am hiablog: I know 2 pppl who tweet from govt departments, on work themes but not work activities. One SMSs to UK to tweet, other smartphone. #hcsmanz
9:26 am lewismal: Defacto IT bans or policy bans both can stifle innovation. IT bans feel harder to overcome. #hcsmanz
9:27 am CraigThomler: @lewismal @yellekau I recommend Hootsuite instead of Tweetdeck – it works in the browser (including in IE6) #hcsmanz
9:27 am yellekau: There are ways around locked down PCs for the technically savvy – Linux boot disk to remove the admin passwords from the registry #hcsmanz
9:27 am hiablog: RT @CraigThomler: @lewismal @yellekau I recommend Hootsuite instead of Tweetdeck – it works in the browser (including in IE6) #hcsmanz
9:27 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler yeah it’s a good site 🙂 I have a blog post appearing tomorrow about it to bring it to Gov attention #hcsmanz
9:27 am ej_butler: @yellekau That may violate Acceptable Use policies in some organisations #hcsmanz
9:27 am ej_butler: @craigthomler awesome! #hcsmanz
9:28 am myold1971: Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat topic: which health orgs/agencies/depts … http://dlvr.it/JPhsv
9:28 am dr1337: @yellekau If you’re going through all that trouble, why don’t you just run Ubuntu off a USB stick? #hcsmanz
9:28 am hiablog: @dr1337 Seems strange that you have to use Egypt-during-the-blackout tactics just to communicate using SM. #hcsmanz
9:28 am yellekau: @ej_butler Oh definitely on the hacking end of things and probably frowned upon by all IT departments #hcsmanz
9:29 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz OK so it seems like some have had to resort to extreme measures to get access to Social Media
9:29 am CraigThomler: @yellekau I don’t recommend bypassing IT security settings on PCs – it leads to other issues & fulfils the fears of the naysayers #hcsmanz
9:29 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz The most common issue so far appears to be with IE6
9:29 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler @yellekau yep – can get you sacked or demoted. Don’t go there! Instead work on educating and demonstrating benefits. #hcsmanz
9:30 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler the easiest way to access social media is by using your own devices. Demonstrate the benefits and the doors will open #hcsmanz
9:30 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz from an IT management perspective, it’s really a non issue in terms of deployment.
9:30 am PulseITMagazine: So as an employer, what’s the business case for me allowing/supporting/encouraging staff to use social media? #hcsmanz
9:30 am PublicHealth2_0: A cultural barrier I heard of in one large org, is their attitude. Unwritten policy was summarized- Crazy to talk to media.#hcsmanz
9:31 am yellekau: For people in commercial organisations it comes down to “is there a business case”? #hcsmanz
9:31 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler IE6 isn’t a block to social media use – it just raises the barriers. It’s a tool – a good workman can work with it #hcsmanz
9:31 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz IT management solutions these days make it effortless and seamless to the end-user during login
9:32 am hiablog: @ej_butler IT departments often have a lot of responsibility with little autonomy. Makes them risk averse (and disdainful of users) #hcsmanz
9:32 am yellekau: @PulseITMagazine People are talking about your organisation, do you want to be part of that conversation? #hcsmanz
9:32 am CraigThomler: @PulseITMagazine Business case 1) Your staff need to monitor feedback through social media channels, just as via other channels #hcsmanz
9:33 am hiablog: @craigthomler That’s a nice idea – but use of IE6 is often coupled with restrictive internet access. IP addresses blocked etc #hcsmanz
9:33 am CraigThomler: @PulseITMagazine 2) Social media can improve internal/external collaboration and innovation – produces productivity improvements #hcsmanz
9:33 am yellekau: @PulseITMagazine It is about creating “social objects” that increase engagement with your business #hcsmanz
9:33 am dr1337: @hiablog Yeah, I’ve given up hope with them. They don’t even do accounts mgmt properly, I’m using a recycled clinical account. #hcsmanz
9:33 am PublicHealth2_0: To use SM u must empower staff- We are in risk adverse era of gov. #hcsm Strong cultural barrier underpins IT & policy barriers. #hcsmanz
9:34 am CraigThomler: @PulseITMagazine 3) Social media is happening with or without organ. If orgs don’t engage, they can’t engage credibly when needed #hcsmanz
9:34 am yellekau: @dr1337 I must point out that I do not use such mechanisms, just that I know they exist #hcsmanz
9:35 am CraigThomler: @hiablog If your org is process focused, write them a process so they feel safe. Put rules around use that mitigate perceived risks #hcsmanz
9:36 am CraigThomler: @PublicHealth2_0 I believe it is possible to transform gov culture – which is what my blog is about 🙂 It just takes time & logic #hcsmanz
9:36 am hiablog: Remember: many if not most staff in health services still have no access to internet, just intranets. PC access still an issue. #hcsmanz
9:36 am ej_butler: @PulseITMagazine you don’t want to miss out on business opportunities #hcsmanz
9:36 am yellekau: @craigthomler The stuff that Kate Lundy was doing on Govt 2.0 sounded interesting, is it having an impact where you are? #hcsmanz
9:36 am croakeyblog: @PublicHealth2_0 The Qld Police Service has been widely praised for their SM work (inc in latest Walkley mag) #hcsmanz
9:37 am hiablog: @craigthomler Examples? #hcsmanz
9:37 am ej_butler: @PulseITMagazine I’ve found that access to Social Media lets you know what is happening around the globe #hcsmanz
9:37 am jbkHCSMANZ: @hiablog and where they do, there is a state-wide “nanny” / “filter” #hcsmanz
9:37 am CraigThomler: @hiablog @ej_butler IT departments are under the gun with limited funds, aging systems & little mgmt support. Cut them a break! #hcsmanz
9:38 am CraigThomler: @yellekau It’s not only Kate Lundy working in the space you know 🙂 She gets better press though! #hcsmanz
9:38 am yellekau: Declaration of open government for Australia: http://bit.ly/auHvFf #hcsmanz
9:38 am hiablog: @craigthomler I was giving them a break. They face challenges and their responses make sense from their perspective. #hcsmanz
9:38 am ej_butler: @craigthomler I used to work in an IT department – we rolled out IE6 to users at a time when we didn’t have to… #hcsmanz
9:38 am CraigThomler: @croakeyblog @PublicHealth2_0 Yep – I praised @QPSMedia myself – and got to meet one of the key people when last in QLD. #hcsmanz
9:38 am yellekau: @craigthomler She and her staffer @piawaugh seem to do social media well #hcsmanz
9:39 am PublicHealth2_0: I hope to move orgs along by doing position statements, sample policies ect by forming a Public Health 2.0 Special Interest Group #hcsmanz
9:39 am CraigThomler: @yellekau Don’t forget the Gov 2.0 Taskforce report & Gov response, Innovation report, or PM&C report on PS reform too! #hcsmanz
9:40 am CraigThomler: @yellekau there’s also FOI reforms and a series of other resources and policies coming into play. Departments are gradually moving #hcsmanz
9:40 am yellekau: @craigthomler I don’t see a lot happening at the state level though #hcsmanz
9:41 am Polyquats: I’m hoping that one of the things that comes out of the review of disaster management will be the need for better IT. #hcsmanz
9:41 am hiablog: @croakeyblog Yep – QPS’ efforts with myth busting are great example of getting ahead of the curve, countering disinfo. #hcsmanz
9:41 am CraigThomler: @yellekau yes they do (wave to @piawaugh) – but they’re not the only ones doing it well. Look for the wider examples. #hcsmanz
9:41 am JanelleBowden: Using tweetdeck and keep forgetting the #hcsmanz tag
9:41 am JanelleBowden: I start work at a public hospital tomorrow, so will be interested to see what their SM policy & computers are like #hcsmanz
9:42 am Polyquats: Loss of access to email and data was a big issue for some work units. And limited remote access was a problem too #hcsmanz
9:42 am JanelleBowden: Just wondering when I read thru, with the big ehealth push how long can health orgs/dept continue to block SM/use outdated software #hcsmanz
9:42 am CraigThomler: @yellekau Which state? Vic’s Gov 2.0 Action plan is a world-leader. QLD has great CC policy, NSW has data out there plus more… #hcsmanz
9:43 am yellekau: @craigthomler Who should I follow in DoHA? #hcsmanz
9:43 am hiablog: @Polyquats Yep. IIRC we highlighted the need to think about organisations’ server contingencies in disaster planning. #hcsmanz
9:43 am CraigThomler: @yellekau I see a lot happening in most states – though I spend a LOT of time looking for it. #hcsmanz
9:43 am yellekau: @craigthomler So not one of those then 😉 #hcsmanz
9:44 am PublicHealth2_0: @QPSmedia have courageous innovation top leadership in media dept. A champion at or near top can help others take SM risks #hcsmanz
9:44 am yellekau: @craigthomler Interested to hear of examples from interstate in the health space #hcsmanz
9:44 am CraigThomler: @yellekau For example – look at the Vic Department of Health – Social Media Action Planhttp://bit.ly/gpAfTk #hcsmanz
9:45 am yellekau: @JanelleBowden ehealth and SM are different areas, very different privacy issues #hcsmanz
9:45 am YHPO: @CraigThomler @yellekau any advice for me in the NT #hcsmanz
9:45 am hiablog: Many of Depts I work with in various states have SM plans, but somehow don’t translate into practice. What are the impediments? #hcsmanz
9:45 am CraigThomler: @yellekau what do you want out of it? DoHA has two official Twitter accounts. Individual tweeters are doing so on a personal basis #hcsmanz
9:46 am jbkHCSMANZ: @hiablog comms management understanding os SM is freq an issue #hcsmanz
9:46 am yellekau: @craigthomler Just interested in connecting with more Australians doing health #hcsmanz
9:46 am hiablog: @craigthomler With the DoHA accounts, is engagement/answering queries part of their purpose? #hcsmanz
9:47 am Polyquats: So much health discussion get focused on hospitals and primary care. Public Health is a poor cousin, but needs are very different #hcsmanz
9:47 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz looks like @qldhealthnews hit reset on their Twitter account – no tweets prior to 02/02/2011
9:47 am CraigThomler: @yellekau I don’t talk about health areas specifically – I keep an eye on the broader Gov 2.0 agenda. The trick is to look yourself #hcsmanz
9:47 am yellekau: @yhpo I’m in a commercial firm but my suggestion would be to look at public health messages and online chronic disease support #hcsmanz
9:47 am hiablog: @Polyquats Couldn’t agree more, yet #publichealth often still bound by the same policies as clinical finctions/staff/roles. #hcsmanz
9:49 am aussiecoley: RT @PulseITMagazine: So as an employer, what’s the business case for me allowing/supporting/encouraging staff to use social media? #hcsmanz
9:49 am yellekau: @hiablog Fear, state oppositions are looking to make headlines so governments clamp down #hcsmanz
9:49 am Polyquats: @hiablog yes. It’s even reflected in the choice of journals we have access to. Useless for the research I need to do #hcsmanz
9:49 am ej_butler: @craigthomler does DoHA have a publicly accessible Social Media policy? #hcsmanz
9:49 am CraigThomler: @hiablog read the DoHA policy at http://bit.ly/hJhdOs and refer the DOHA social media page at:http://bit.ly/h1Mm7W #hcsmanz
9:49 am aussiecoley: RT @hcsmanz: Welcome to tonight’s #hcsmanz chat! Let’s start with introductions: tonight’s moderators are @ej_butler and special guest @croakeyblog
9:50 am johnalchin: RT @hiablog: @croakeyblog Yep – QPS’ efforts with myth busting are great example of getting ahead of the curve, countering disinfo. #hcsmanz
9:50 am lewismal: if the varied organisational barriers are both blunt & subtle then expect 2 see varied blunt & subtle strategies #hcsmanz
9:50 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler could also be a twitter thing – tweets are not eternal – @qldhealthnews #hcsmanz
9:50 am YHPO: @yellekau ok but NT gov still has a ban on SM. #hcsmanz
9:51 am ej_butler: @hiablog In my organisation, we’re doing Social Media but only “authorised personnel” are allowed to participate #hcsmanz
9:51 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler yes, per my next but last tweet. Under About Us in the menu. #hcsmanz
9:51 am yellekau: @yhpo There have to be some stats on how many peole look for health info on SM? #hcsmanz
9:52 am CraigThomler: @Polyquats have you built a clear business case for the journals and channels you need access to? @hiablog #hcsmanz
9:52 am ej_butler: @yellekau @yhpo 41% of [US] survey participants use Social Media as a source of #healthcareinformation http://j.mp/ekt0Yl #hcsmanz
9:53 am CraigThomler: @yhpo @yellekau the question to ask Mgmt is ‘WHY?’ – then when they give you reasons, you can mitigate the perceived risks. #hcsmanz
9:53 am Polyquats: @craigthomler another job stuck on my to do list as we stumble from crisis to crisis #hcsmanz
9:53 am JanelleBowden: RT @craigthomler: @yhpo @yellekau the Q to ask Mgmt is ‘WHY?’ – then when they give u reasons, u can mitigate the perceived risks. #hcsmanz
9:53 am ej_butler: RT @CraigThomler: @hiablog read the DoHA policy at http://bit.ly/hJhdOs and refer the DOHA social media page at: http://bit.ly/h1Mm7W #hcsmanz
9:53 am CraigThomler: @yellekau @yhpo The latest Au figures were that 80% of Aussies use Google to seek health information. Slightly higher than in US #hcsmanz
9:54 am CraigThomler: @yellekau @yhpo unfortunately there are no stats I am aware of on social media use for health info specifically. #hcsmanz
9:55 am ej_butler: @craigthomler Did those figures break the 80% down into their various properties? (EG: Google Search, YouTube) #hcsmanz
9:55 am yellekau: anyone online from a university that wants to do an in depth health and social media study? #hcsmanz
9:55 am CraigThomler: @Polyquats you need to reconsider your priorities then. #hcsmanz
9:55 am PublicHealth2_0: Public health concerns often marginalized in the IT world of big departments. #hcsmanz Hope needs to grow.
9:55 am ej_butler: RT @yellekau: anyone online from a university that wants to do an in depth health and social media study? #hcsmanz
9:55 am JanelleBowden: RT @JanelleBowden: @craigthomler What’s the source for that Aus figure? #hcsmanz
9:56 am CraigThomler: FYI – info on Aussies accessing Health info online: http://bit.ly/frtkYl #hcsmanz
9:56 am Polyquats: @craigthomler My priority is protecting public health from hazards in water. we’ve had a few issues in qld lately #hcsmanz
9:56 am JanelleBowden: RT @craigthomler: FYI – info on Aussies accessing Health info online: http://bit.ly/frtkYl #hcsmanz#socpharm #epatient
9:57 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler You’d have to ask Bupa 🙂 http://www.bupa.com/healthpulse #hcsmanz
9:57 am YHPO: @CraigThomler @yellekau I’m convinced that the NT gov is too afraid of the risks #hcsmanz
9:58 am ej_butler: @craigthomler aha, thanks for the link – that was the topic of one of our previous #hcsmanz chats /cc @JanelleBowden
9:58 am dr1337: @yellekau is there funding available? 😉 #hcsmanz
9:58 am jbkHCSMANZ: @craigthomler ta Craig #hcsmanz
9:58 am cutedoctornet: anyone online from a university that wants to do an in depth health and social media study? #hcsmanzhttp://bit.ly/foqPJO
9:59 am YHPO: @yellekau I’m currently trying to arrange for one with the Menzies School of health. #hcsmanz
9:59 am CraigThomler: @Polyquats talk to @QPSmedia – you can use their channel to reach people. Go where the people are! #hcsmanz
10:00 am CraigThomler: @yhpo @yellekau everyone used to be afraid of the risks. Now they are not all afraid. In five years fewer will be. Help them along #hcsmanz
10:00 am Polyquats: @craigthomler yes, we did that during the floods and Yasi. It was quick and effective #hcsmanz
10:00 am CraigThomler: @yhpo @yellekau let me know if it happens – I’m very interested in what you discover. #hcsmanz
10:01 am HCMSanMarcos: RT @ej_butler #hcsmanz OK so it seems like some have had to resort to extreme measures to get access to Social Media http://bit.ly/hBYwHW
10:01 am hiablog: @craigthomler IIRC there was some discussion about whether @QPSmedia ahould be source for health info at the time @Polyquats #hcsmanz
10:01 am MattCrozier: RT @CraigThomler: FYI – info on Aussies accessing Health info online: http://bit.ly/frtkYl #hcsmanz
10:01 am PublicHealth2_0: @craigthomler Every Health Dept needs a followers list like QLD Police built in thier own right. What use it could be put to. #hcsmanz
10:01 am hiablog: @craigthomler Lot of value in having single source in disaster/emergency. Interesting issue. @Polyquats @QPSmedia #hcsmanz
10:01 am YHPO: @craigthomler @yellekau might have to do frm outside the public service as a Phd student. #hcsmanz
10:02 am yellekau: Gotta go, interesting chat everybody #hcsmanz
10:02 am CraigThomler: @hiablog @QPSmedia @Polyquats frankly the public don’t care which strangely-named government Department provides the info #hcsmanz
10:02 am hcsmanz: #hcsmanz Wow, the hour passes so quickly when it’s a lively discussion topic!
10:02 am YHPO: @craigthomler @yellekau I’m already sharing info on my blog and more will feature. #hcsmanz
10:02 am hiablog: @PublicHealth2_0 There’s also the overlooked issue of SM for health ed, health promotion, comm development, etc. #hcsmanz
10:03 am CraigThomler: @PublicHealth2_0 yes – and no. Follower lists are valuable assets, but need to take care about overlaps #hcsmanz
10:03 am hiablog: @craigthomler That was my point – read second tweet. @QPSmedia @Polyquats #hcsmanz
10:03 am johnalchin: There r LOTS of ppl working 4 Gov & NGOs who engage #hcsm #mhsm in personal capacity but few in official capacity. #hcsmanz
10:04 am myleejoseph: RT @CraigThomler: FYI – info on Aussies accessing Health info online: http://bit.ly/frtkYl #hcsmanz
10:04 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz thank you everyone for participating tonight. Feel free to continue the discussion, but tonight’s chat has come to an end.
10:05 am Polyquats: @ej_butler Night, and thanks. Another great session. #hcsmanz
10:05 am CraigThomler: @johnalchin yes – people have to learn how to #sm well before their organisations can do it well 🙂 #hcsmanz
10:05 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Special thanks to @craigthomler and @croakeyblog for joining tonight’s chat
10:05 am CraigThomler: @yhpo good blog – keep it running. http://youthhealth20.com @yellekau #hcsmanz
10:06 am johnalchin: RT @CraigThomler: @johnalchin yes – people have to learn how to #sm well before their organisations can do it well 🙂 #hcsmanz
10:06 am CraigThomler: @ej_butler yep – night all – I have to get back to other work now 🙂 Don’t know when I’ll make it next – but I do watch. #hcsmanz
10:06 am ej_butler: #hcsmanz Thank you again to all of the first time participants – it’s always great to see new faces!
10:06 am JanelleBowden: My participation was short, but an interesting chat. Thanks #hcsmanz tweeps and @hcsmanz@ej_butler. Have a good week.
10:07 am rdesain: #hcsmanz feeling like I really should have known about this and take part!!
10:07 am ej_butler: RT @CraigThomler: @johnalchin yes – people have to learn how to #sm well before their organisations can do it well 🙂 #hcsmanz
10:07 am ACLambert: The issue is not about individ staff accessing sm. It’s about tweeting news of relevance & with authority eg @qldhealthnews @nhmrc #hcsmanz
10:07 am croakeyblog: @ej_butler Thanks for having me. It was v helpful and I will follow up with a few people (if they don’t mind) Cheers #hcsmanz
10:08 am YHPO: @craigthomler @yellekau thank you. I’m not gonna give up. It’s tough up here but the sweeter the battle. #hcsmanz
10:08 am hiablog: @ACLambert I don’t agree that is the only issue – SM needs the “social” part. Overlooked by many. #hcsmanz
10:08 am YHPO: RT @CraigThomler: @yhpo good blog – keep it running. http://youthhealth20.com @yellekau#hcsmanz
10:08 am ej_butler: @rdesain Sorry you missed it 🙁 #hcsmanz chat is every Sunday night
10:09 am YHPO: @ej_butler thanks Ed. Great topic great tweeple contributors. #hcsmanz
10:09 am ej_butler: @JanelleBowden Glad you could make it, know it’s not easy for you #hcsmanz
10:09 am PublicHealth2_0: Good chat #hcsmanz @HIAblog not sure why one source of SM in crisis is better than a few. Is that a rule of thumb from a Web 1.0 world?
10:11 am ej_butler: @yhpo Thanks Kishan, a good turn out and some great discussion too #hcsmanz
10:11 am johnalchin: Goodnight #hcsmanz tweeps. See you ‘same bat time, same bat channel’ next week. #hcsmanz
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