Getting the Most out of Digital Video


Video is coming ready or not. What is good practice? How can we get the best health outcomes with video in health practice and what are the ethical and legal issues to manage?
Increasingly patients arrive with a smart phone in their pocket. They bring in video of their kid's symptoms. They ask to video their consultation. They show you videos from the web on their phones or pads.

Many consultations now involve video links. Increasingly we do professional development that involves video links of some sought.


Here is some further background if you are keen.


* Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth of Australia)  


* Health Information Privacy Code 1994 New Zealand Government


General Medical Council (1994)  Guidance for Doctors on Electronic media recordings of Consultations between Doctors and Patients, and of other Medical Procedures, for the Purposes of Training and Assessment. London: GMC.


General Medical Council (1997) Making And Using Visual And Audio Recordings of Patients. London: GMC.


Royal College of Psychiatrists (1993) Code of Practice for the Use of Video recording in Child Psychiatric Practice (Council Report CR20). London: Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Royal College of General Practitioners (1996)  Membership Examination, Assessment of Consulting Skills, Instructions to Candidates. London: Royal College of General Practitioners.

Guidance for electronic media recording and storage

Guidance for the use of electronic media recording and storage in child psychiatric practice


Facilitator will be Malcolm Lewis @lewismal

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