Disseminating research findings via SoMe

This week's #hcsmanz chat aims to look into the different techniques of disseminating research findings via social media. A fun and easy way to do this would be to crowdsource ideas and solutions on effective uses of social media for bringing information back to our stakeholders. In her blog (Public Health Science Communication 2.0), @bjerglund shares an understanding of the difference between 'dissemination' and 'communication':

"…dissemination was regarded as one-way communication, where the researcher passes on his knowledge, views, findings but without entering into dialogue with the receiver. Communication on the other hand is characterized by a dialogue, communication (or the possibility of it) between the sender and the receiver. Web 2.0 provides an excellent frame for turning dissemination through the web into something more than just dissemination".

Today we will look only at the setup and how we would overcome issues on 'defamation' from community/stakeholders e.g. the comments in Facebook. 

Our questions for you are:

T1: What are social media profiles for the busy researcher for dissemination?

T2: Should comments be disabled if issues are sensitive?

T3: How to present effective statistics?

T4: How to transition from dissemination into communication?

The chat will be at 2030 AEST on Sunday 27 May. Check your local time here.

Never participated in a chat? Check out this basic description about how you can join – or tweet with the hashtag #hcsmanz and ask!

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