27 May 2012: How can we work together better?

In the wake of the Informa Social Media in Healthcare conference last week, @HughStephens is moderating this week’s chat to discuss how we can better work together and collaborate.

The #smhealthcare conference had some really great research and thoughts presented. Check out the Storify summaries here:

But one big question remains. We had a great range of people at the conference and participating from afar, but how can we better work together?

The chat will explore how HCSMANZ can better connect participants on a national basis, beyond just a weekly twitter chat.

The chat will be at 2030 AEST on Sunday 27 May. Check your local time here.

Q1: What information would you like to find out from the healthcare social media / healthcare social media Aus & NZ community?

Q2: How would you like to see the community working together? 

Q2a: Should there be another channel that we use, beyond Twitter? 

Q3: If #hcsmanz was to put together some events for the community to get together, what would you like them to be like?

Never participated in a chat? Check out this basic description about how you can join – or tweet with the hashtag #hcsmanz and ask!

  • Would love to be part of this tweetchat but will be working. So a few comments in advance-or what I would have tweeted later today.Q1. Who is doing what, who is breaking new ground and how.Q2. By networking more[collaborating-communication].Q2a: Yes absolutely-? can be more active via Facebook, Google + and even PinterestQ3: Like the one held in the UK over this weekend via #nhshackday-subject of a tweet from @timsenior Good luck!

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