An apology!

Hi all

I’m really sorry about last night — we weren’t organised to arrange a moderator in advance, and nobody was free πŸ™ so I went to put out a tweet about the chat being cancelled at about 8pm but it obviously didn’t send — in my rush I didn’t notice until the morning.

#hcsmanz is run by a group of dedicated volunteers, and unfortunately sometimes the stars can’t align for us to run the chat due to personal, family or holidaying reasons.

I apologise personally for not letting everyone know of the mistake — it was my fault entirely!

Rest assured, the chat will be back on next Sunday 12 May, and the topic will be posted up here prior.



PS — Posterous has closed, so we have this spanky new website and the URL . You can now also sign up for email notifications for new posts — see the link on the left.

  • No dramas – a few of us had a good chat anyway – any contact on twitter is good contact. Like the clean new look !! DC

  • Understood πŸ˜‰

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