#hcsmanz chat 11 May 2014 — Online Learning and Continuing Professional Education

How can we use our online involvement as evidence of Continuing Professional Education (CPE)?

Social Media based tools have become an important part of continuing professional education for many now?

New Web2.0 and social media tools have made getting to professional development easier. Great events are available as webinars and as online video, podcasts, even as online course. We learn stuff in Tweets and via Facebook posts.

Distance is no longer an issue. Professional Development (PD) is available, but  does it count towards to CPE?

What can we do to provide evidence of online CPE, both formal and incidental?

What has to change in the way professional bodies think about learning?

All welcome. Please personally invite someone on Twitter.

Your facilitator tonight will be @lewismal Malcolm Lewis

Check out your local time here

Don’t forget to nominate someone as the one of the top 100 Twitter accounts for healthcare professionals to follow in the #HCSMANZ100. 

Nominations close on 01/06/2014 at 19:59AEST(GMT+10:00) see detail here.


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