About #hcsmanz

The #hcsmanz hashtag was launched in 2010 as the platform for discussion on healthcare and Social Media in Australia and New Zealand.

A weekly Twitter chat started shortly after where anyone interested in the health sphere in Australia and New Zealand (or even globally) are invited to discuss a specific topic each week.

We’re very proud of the community that we’ve fostered and the creativity and collaboration that occurs when people connect with each other.

We have always welcomed participants from all over the world so we now have as many locals as international participants.

Chat times

Sunday evenings in Australia and late evening New Zealand

20:00 AEST or (21:00 AEDT when daylight saving is on)

Without Daylight Saving that works out to:

22:00 NZ time,

20:00 AEST – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart

19:30 ACDT – Darwin, Adelaide

18:00 AWST – Perth

For world time use this tool to convert time zones:

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