#hcsmanz chat 31 August 2014 — Technology in Healthcare

Google Glass in the Emergency Department and the Operating Theatre, Fitbit in Cardiac Rehabilitation and iPads in the Waiting Room are just some of bleeding edge adoption of technology in healthcare.

Join us from 20:00AEST tonight to explore further.

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#hcsmanz chat 24 August 2014 — Personal Learning Network and visual content

Join @lewismal tonight from 20:00AEST where we’ll be discussing “Personal Learning Network and visual content”

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#hcsmanz chat 17 August 2014 — Can Social Media make you healthier?

Come join us at 20:00AEST tonight when we’ll explore if Social Media can make you healthier.

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Some selected tweets from our participants tonight:

#hcsmanz chat 10 August 2014 — Elephants in the (chat) room

"Whenever I walk in a room, everyone ignores me"

How is Social Media tackling (or not) the more tricky icky difficult Public Health topics? Join us at 20:00AEST Sydney time tonight for a #hcsmanz chat.

National and International times here: http://bit.ly/1pjQipR


#hcsmanz chat 03 August 2014 — Continuing Professional Development and Social Media

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#hcsmanz chat 27 July 2014 — “mystery topic”

#hcsmanz chat 20 July 2014 — Patient/Carer Engagement and Social Media

This chat will examine patient and carer engagement post the coming of Web20 tools and social media in general.

That simple statement will no doubt unpack into a pretty interesting Twitter chat.


You facilitator will be Malcolm Lewis @Lewismal


Starts 9PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) for one hour

Australia – Australian Capital Territory – Canberra Sun 9:00 PM
Australia – New South Wales – Sydney Sun 9:00 PM
Australia – Northern Territory – Darwin Sun 8:30 PM
Australia – Queensland – Brisbane Sun 9:00 PM
Australia – South Australia – Adelaide Sun 8:30 PM
Australia – Victoria – Melbourne Sun 9:00 PM
Australia – Western Australia – Perth Sun 7:00 PM


Pther world Times Here http://bit.ly/1rAw4aU

#hcsmanz chat 06 July 2014 — This week is the dumbest #hcsmanz topic ever

This week is the dumbest #hcsmanz topic ever. Dumb questions is the focus I have picked. It might be funny but dumb questions have a way of illuminating important stuff and if the Health Care Sector’s adoption of social media is going to advance, then we had better get good a dealing with these.

World Times http://bit.ly/1qzlAsL


Your facilitator will be Malcolm Lewis @Lewismal

Please help build a crowd by inviting a social media friend.

#hcsmanz chat 29 June 2014 — It’s the return of the fast and furious #HCSMANZ apps smack down

smack down


I want you all to think about the apps on the your phone,  tablet or desktop are useful to you as a health professional and to share them during this week’s #hcsmanz chats? We did a few years back and think we all learnt about some new tools and strategies. I think it is time to repeat this topic. All welcome. Please personally invite someone on Twitter and share this on Facebook..

Your facilitator will be @lewismal Malcolm Lewis


WorldTimes http://bit.ly/1pITWr4



Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) Source http://bit.ly/1msDirP

#hcsmanz chat 22 June 2014 — “What do you personally get out of Social Media?”

Tonight’s #hcsmanz chat is going to explore what you get personally out of using Social Media.

Your facilitator tonight will be Kelly Butler – @mskellybutler

We hope you can join us from 21:00AEDT. Check your local time here.

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